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Grand Central’s Fools Gold takeover happens annually and is always a highly anticipated event and I don’t know if it was the drugs or what but this was one of the best WMC parties I attended. The lineup was solid; A-Trak, Just Blaze, Congorock, and even better yet it was free if you RSVP’d and you’d have to be an asshole not to do that.

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                          (Packed line in front of Grand Central)


The atmosphere was just as I expected; the light production was flawless, firing cold-fog into the crowd every once in a while was a nice touch and felt like sex, they also shot glow sticks into the crowd, people crowd surfed, girls were taking off their shirts and you can bet all the bros were too. Plus the people at Grand Central were smart about getting the crowd loose by having an open bar gig.

They had an epic give away of Strongbow, which is a 9% cider which the bitches love since it’s practically the Manischewitz of beer. I drank a few, never pass up free alcohol,  followed by my typical bourbon on the rocks. I was smashed after my third whiskey and fourth Strongbow.

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A little later in the night a couple of my friends showed up and we consumed some party favors right in time for Just Blaze to start his set and from that point on, everyone inside the venue became electric. I honestly hadn’t fist-pumped that hard since going to the gym that morning and it was glorious. As soon as the glow sticks were handed out the place turned into an epic Jedi battle in which some guy dressed in a green-man costume jumped off the stage into the crowd and so did the Fools Gold mascot. My friend almost ended up killing some kid who was rolling too hard for his own good and was hitting on girls that shouldn’t have been hit on.

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(This girl is beautiful: Anna Lunoe)


I saw a girl getting fingered by the side of the stage and now that I’m recalling all these instances, there was some kid in an astronaut outfit getting all types of lifted, I ended up letting hit my friends joint. I saw every ex possible and managed to avoid them all, which is rare since my distinguishing walking style and height usually give me away at just a glance. Cheers to that.

Congorock followed up and once again Grand Central got turned up a notch. The rest of my experience is pretty blurry but I must say, Grand Central threw one of the best parties I’ve been to in a while.

Congorock put on a great performance and A-Trak as well. Big thanks for coming out and playing and thank you Grand Central for hooking it up that night and being awesome as usual.


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