Target Audience for Obama’s New Campaign?


I’m all for our candidates trying to appeal to the nations youth. Sure, roll up your sleeves, wear a couple of buttons open with a loose tie and try and look… Youthful. But I think using a mainstream, pot head based humor, character, Kumar, might be a leap in the wrong direction. Or maybe the census shows that 80% of the US smokes pot, and this approach would pocket that vote, in which case, by all means get as hot boxed with your campaign trail as much as you want. But this probably isn’t the case and this could potentially be milking the cow a bit much. Any thoughts?

6 Responses to “Barack Obama and Kumar//Democratic National Convention//Pulling the Stoner Vote?”

  1. I think they should legalize it and stop dicking around.

    D. Tucker | YACHTLIFE

  2. Obama ddnt just bring him on for his campain (Kal Penn).Penn’s worked in the Whitehouse for years…

    • H ɫ T R V B says:

      Sure, but I’d say 90% of people don’t know that. And come on, soda bottles and empty pizza boxes with two dudes watching TV with blank expressions? These dudes are lit.

      I’m all bout’ it.

      • The Obama administration has attacked more medical marijuana dispensaries than the Bush administration. It’s kinda hypocritical on his part, because he said at one time he was all for “medical marijuana”… He’s is still a much better choice than than crazy ass Mormon fuck Romney who, because of his religion, can’t even drink coffee and is required to wear “magic underwear”..

        • H ɫ T R V B says:

          What’s provoking about the Romney campaign, besides the obvious bad choices in wording that the media has hounded him over, is that he was a pretty good governor in Massachusetts . I don’t know too many facts but his views on Healthcare and other more liberal issues have been consistent with Obama’s. It just goes to show what a campaign does to its representative and at what lengths these politicians are willing to go in order to sell a lie. Molding to a parties image is one ugly metamorphosis.

          The fact that he’s aware of these inconsistencies should raise even more ridicule.

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